Monday, September 15, 2008


If you find yourself driving through Boise on I84 between 11:45am and 6:00pm on a weekday, Jalapino's is a convenient and delicious option that wont take you to far out of your way. Tacos are $1. If you want tripe or lengua, add .50. I’ve been there once and sampled both carne asada and al pastor tacos - very good. Two corn tortillas, cilantro and onions. I can think of no negatives. This truck also offers tamales and I tried to buy some to take home for dinner but they were sold out. I’ll take that as a good sign. Tortas are $5.00 and someday I’ll try one.

This afternoon there were several young girls in the truck helping out. One of them was saying, "I should be doing my homework." Good kid.

The photos were taken from across Broadway and I think they give an accurate feel for the location. The truck is right next to an emissions testing camper. For some reason emission testers are often camping trailers in Idaho. This one is painted orange and blue in support of the Boise State Broncos.

If you go by bike, the Federal Way part of the ride is on a pleasant bike path.

Federal Way at Broadway Ave.

Map from downtown Boise YMCA by bike:

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Map from downtown Boise YMCA by car:

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Janice said...

If you ride your bike there, it's better to go up Protest to get to Federal Way, instead of going up Broadway, which is pretty crummy if you're on a bike.

Lili Von Shtupp said...

I had Jalapenos Taco Truck cater my wedding in 2005, at The Bishop's House. Great food, nice family, very accommodating!

Greg said...

They are no longer there

Lili VonShtupp said...

I think they had to move to the TK Bar parking lot, up the street east a little ways.

jonathan said...

They did move to TK Lounge a while back, and then moved away. I have no idea where they are now.