Friday, April 10, 2009

Los Portales, Nampa

A colleague from Portland, Oregon snapped this photograph with his iPhone. Thank you. He is a vegetarian and enjoyed a bean, cheese and avocado taco. Moments before we had eaten tacos at Jalapeno taco truck on Federal Way in Boise. He thought both were delicious but preferred the taco at Portales because it contained whole pinto beans. I had a yummy lengua taco. The tacos at Portales are served with limes and radishes. After this we went to Tacos Aguillia in Nampa. I had another lengua taco. Also delicious. The colleague had a third bean taco. He still preferred the Portales taco because of the whole beans. Also, Portales was the only truck that put the requested avocado on his taco.

The truck is on Garrity on the right as you head toward downtown Nampa. I will post more precise directions later.

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Dwaine said...

So it's not like I habitually surf Taco Truck blogs or anything but nevertheless - this found its way to my desk this afternoon:

Maybe the local equivalent would be Mongolian BBQ Tacos.