Wednesday, January 26, 2011


3rd and 11th in Nampa. That's all I know about this truck.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Truck Thoughts

When I sing along to this composition or piece, if you will, I replace "Hut" and "Bell" with "Truck" and "Truck," respectively. "I'm at the pizza truck, I'm at the taco truck, I'm at the combination pizza truck and taco truck." Which leads me to my thesis: when will Boise branch out beyond the Mexican themed food truck? A pizza truck for example? I think I mentioned the wood fire pizza trucks in France a while ago. Good idea. I am willing to give out all my brilliant ideas since I have no entrepreneurial spirit (and I have a job).
  • A handmade donut truck. The key word here is handmade. The other key word is donut. Both hard to resist.
  • Anything vegan truck. Maybe Idaho is not ready for that (and vegans don't have money).
  • Curry Truck?
I do know about the Salad Man and I have heard positive things about him. He is parked somewhere on State Street in Boise.
For the record, I am still a fan of taco trucks, but as many of you know, I stopped eating meat and I am allergic to beans. Those restrictions make eating at taco trucks difficult.

These thoughts were spurred by a discussion with a reporter (is that your title?) from the Boise Weekly earlier this afternoon. Thanks.