Monday, September 27, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Have I already talked about the problem with reviewing - or in my case - pointing out taco trucks? I'm pretty sure I have but to reiterate; its the wheels. Taco trucks move. For instance Jalapenos that used to be on Federal Way is now missing. When an ordinary restaurant, one that is firmly attached to the ground, fails or moves it is easier to figure out what happened. There is a sign in the window to direct the loyal eaters to its new location. Or, in some cases to say goodbye. When a taco truck is gone there is always a hope that it has gone to cater a wedding or to fill up its gas tank. It will be back. So, often in vain, you drive passed its former location (parking spot) hoping it will be back to feed you the way it used to. Unfortunately, when I go hunting for taco trucks I do so when I am hungry. And the closer I get to the former location I get even hungrier, like when you have to pee and you get close to a bathroom, and then the bathroom is locked. When I'm hungry for taco truck food no other quick food will do. Particularly not McDonald's or another of that ilk. Even if it makes no sense time-wise, I will then drive five miles in another direction to eat at an existing taco truck.

When a taco truck is not where it used to be, feel free to let me know. I will not go back and revise previous posts though, due to a previous commitment. I am committed to laziness.

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Nathaniel Hoffman said...

This same thing happened to me today ... the taco truck at 13th and Idaho, near Idaho Power was AWOL at 1 pm ... major bummer.