Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Embarrassment of Riches

And I just ate breakfast.
At first I thought there were five (Cinco) taco trucks parked in front of the Student Union at Boise State University, but one (uno) was a Hawaiian Shaved Ice and cotton candy trailor. Cinco made sense to me because today, May 3rd, is Cinco De Mayo here at Boise State University.
But what has me so excited are all the solar panels:

It is nice to know that truck dining is one of the "greener" options in Idaho.
Of the four taco trucks I have only NOT eaten at one of them, Lily's. Lily's is the one on the left that says "Mariscos" on the side. Unfortunately, I really had just eaten breakfast so I have yet to sample a taco from Lily's.

By the way, none of the solar panels are actually solar panels.

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