Sunday, May 3, 2009


Finally hungry enough to eat at Lily's taco truck. I am not sure if the above spitted meat and pineapple is a special product for Cinco de Mayo or if this is something we can get on a regular basis from Lily's. It cost 25 cents more than the other taco choices for a grand total of $1.25. Perhaps the best taco in the treasure valley. They are served on a corn tortilla dredged in flavor (grease). They are also served with a pile of caramelized onions and peppers. These tacos are so good that I am going to have to unpack my adjectives to do them any justice. I usually only use adjectives like, "good," or "delicious," so this is not easy for me. I am a little self-conscious. Here goes: Lily’s al pastor tacos are extremely tender, succulent, mouthwatering, toothsome and expertly spiced. That wasn’t so bad.
According to one of my operatives, Lily's is usually parked at the Walmart in Nampa. I will report back with any further findings.

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pssst said...

Toothsome . . . that is going way out on a limb. Nice risk, it pays off.