Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tacos Mobile Primo

I'm not sure why I do not frequent this truck more frequently. Visiting a truck once or twice in three years can hardly be called frequenting. I refrequented TMP yesterday as part of my taco truck tour with the previously mention Actual Food Writer (AFW).

As you can clearly see these tacos look delicious and as I could clearly taste, they were delicious. The carnitas (can be seen above at 4 o'clock) had large chunks of pork and pork fat. I am struggling with how to describe fat in a way that will make you hungry... The fat was full of flavor and practically melted in my mouth.
The adobada and the pastor tacos (10 and 12 o'clock respectively) were only differentiated by the pineapple compote on the pastor. They were both tasty. Tacos are $1.20 at TMP. Overall the AFW and I agreed that the tacos at Tacos Mobile Primo were the best of the three trucks we sampled.
The other truck not mentioned in the last post was El Torito. I will still frequent (today's word of the day) El torito partly because it is behind a store (of the same name) that is a great place to pick up cucumber popsicles, Ibarra chocolate, and corn tortillas. Also the truck is conveniently located near Bill's studio. Do not spend too much time trying to figure out who Bill is.

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Anonymous said...

I've eaten at TMP on MANY occasions and I had to drive from Meridian to get there! Without question they have the best tacos in the Treasure Valley!