Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taco Trucks in Los Angeles? Yes.

This morning a colleague took me to one of his favorite local Taco Trucks, La Estrella.
I ordered one al pastor and one carnitas taco. My esteemed colleague ordered Carnitas and carne asada.

The tacos were served with a smokey (chipotle?) chile sauce. The meat was tender and juicy. Some people do not like the word juicy prescribed to meat but more people dislike the word moist. I might even say most dislike moist. La Estrella is located on York about a half a block before Avenue 54.

My esteemed and respected colleague suggested that we try another truck's offerings. We immediately made the trek to the corner of York and Avenue 54, a half block away, to Tacos El Pique.

I ordered the same at El Pique, pastor and carnitas. My trusted, esteemed, and stylish colleague and I agreed that the meat was less flavorful than Estrella. I thought El Pique's tacos had a fresh taste that I quite liked. Perhaps the cucumber garnish had something to do with that. I would suggest El Pique over Estrella if you were not in the mood for a smokey salsa.

So far, like Idaho taco trucks, all the food was delicious.

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