Monday, May 10, 2010


If you are in Caldwell and enjoy viewing wildlife while eating your favorite mexican food I recommend TACOSLAPIEDAD. Look carefully and you will see a Yellow-bellied marmot, locally known as a rock chuck, above. There were many of these wood chuck sized rodents nearby watching us, standing of their haunches and whistling.

You might also consider Tacoslapiedad the next time you need a muffler as the truck is parked in the SW corner of the Meineke parking lot. The food was, as usual, yummy. I recommend the burria, locally known as rock chuck (kidding - burria is goat) which I have not seen at Boise trucks.

A note on the name: I was referring to this truck as "Slapiedad," but that did not sound right. Then it occurred to me that the 's' was the pluralization of taco. But Lapiedad sounded wrong too. Eventually I arrived at Tacos La Piedad, as in piety. Tacos of compassion.

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