Monday, February 16, 2009

Tacos Mexicanos

I failed to find a taco truck in Twin Falls but I did find a place called New York Burrito. Experience has taught me to avoid restaurants with names like "New York Burrito," or "Mexico City Bagel." Note: it is OK if the cities are switched.
I did discover a beautiful canyon.

I admit that I did not try too hard to find a taco truck because when I got out of my car it was freezing and I did not relish the idea of outdoor eating or even outdoor ordering.
So I left one Falls for the other Falls. While driving on the Yellowstone Highway in Idaho Falls, I stumbled upon Tacos Mexicanos.

The prices were pretty good - $1.50 for tacos and $2.85 for tortas. But the tacos were either an acquired taste or not very good. I admit I was a bit suspicious when the person who took my order seemed to be an American and not of Mexican descent. Would I offend if I said "Gringo?" Yes and not least because she was a "Gringa." I have my prejudices although I prefer to call them preferences.