Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Non Review

Nothing puts a damper on eating a nice plate of carne asada like a good book.

I wont go into the details, gory or otherwise, of the book but I will say eating meat has become difficult for me since I opened the book. Perhaps difficult is the wrong word because I have not tried eating meat since I picked up the book in the Rediscovered Bookshop. I am not quite finished with Eating Animals (the book) but I am fearful that Safran Foer is going to leave this reader with little hope for guilt-free protein. This reader is allergic to beans. I know, and this reader loves Mexican food. Without meat or beans the options (maybe "options" with an s is too optimistic) at a taco truck are few. Those shrimp tostadas look good but shrimping and shrimp farming are as bad or worse than factory farming. But I said I wouldn't go into the details. There are plenty of delicious cheese quesadillas for sale at our numerous local taco trucks. Imagine a blog (Yawn!) dedicated to the locations of the tastiest quesadillas (snore) in Idaho.
The only thing people hate more than cruelty to animals is a vegetarian. Well, a prosthelytizing vegetarian. My advice to me is not to tell anyone if I am a vegetarian.
I've got more advice. For that fringe group of people who are concerned with animal welfare, global climate change, and personal health: someone should open a taco truck that serves local family farmed meat. Meat from animals that get pet every day and get to sleep inside and watch TV on Thursday nights. Or whatever the current most humane version of a farm is today. Of course tacos could no longer cost $1. But I for one would pay $1.50 for a clear conscience. Maybe $2.