Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tacos El Rey #2

An associate and I went to T.E.R. #2 last night and had adobada tortas that were delicious. It was about 20 degrees but we discovered T.E.R. #2 has an indoor eating area. We took our food home anyway, but it is nice to know that on these frigid nights eating at a truck is not out of the question.
I ordered a champurrado and realized that it is different than hot chocolate. Champurrado is a thick, chocolate drink made with masa farina (hominy flour), piloncillo, water or milk and occasionally containing anise seed and or vanilla bean (tasting somewhat like a thick chai tea). Atole drinks are whipped up using a wooden whisk called a molinillo (or, a blender). The whisk is held between the palms of the hands, then moved back and forth in the mixture until it is aerated and frothy. I remember getting a molinillo for Christmas one year - a year with a 1 and a 9 in it. There was probably an 8 and then one more number like a 3 or 4. All I was told is that it was for stirring chocolate. But I did not understand why chocolate needed to be stirred and if it did why it required such a specialized stirrer. Now it makes sense.

Piloncillo are small bricks of sugar cane.
Atole drinks are hot drinks with corn starch or masa farina.

This truck is in Garden City on 42nd and Chinden blvd a few blocks East of El Torito. It is open until 10 pm.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tacos Aguililla

Tacos Aguililla does not take credit cards and for that reason the Kewpie Dolls cry.

But the tacos are good and they are served with a roasted jalapeno. I love roasted jalapenos.

I tend to order a lengua taco at each truck I visit and I did so this time but none of them looked or tasted like lengua. Whatever the odd man out was, it was good.
This truck is parked at the corner of 1st and eleventh in Nampa.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Hot or Not?

Tacos El Rey #6

Not too hot. We were asked if we liked them hot but alas, they were mild. Mild and delicious. I had a lengua, carne asada and adobada taco. The lengua and the adobada were great but the asada, like the El Rey truck on Chinden in Garden City, was made up of really small peices of meat, so small in fact that if it weren't for the tortilla chewing would be optional.

Update: I forgot to mention that this truck is in a Pennzoil oil change parking lot so next time you get your oil changed you might want to chose your changer based on its proximity to tacos.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

El Torito

in Garden City is serving hot chocolate.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I think this truck is called Primo Tacos

Do you have any idea how many taco trucks there are in western Idaho? Me neither. But if I were to venture an guess I would say, roughly, a whole lot. And they are for the most part pretty similar, which is not a bad thing because they are all good (so far). There are some little things that distinguish one from another like price and free re-fills of horchata, but location is perhaps the number one consideration. So, as an advocate, I think the best I can do is tell you were they park. The truck in the above photo parks in the parking lot of a Vietnamese restaurant called, Vietnamese Restaurant at the corner of Franklin and Curtis. The truck faces Curtis. The tacos are $1.
Note: aesthetically, I have decided to link to maps instead of posting the maps.
Directions by car.
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Updated, April 2010. Primo's updated menu.