Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Almost a year since the last post

Yes, this blog still exists, not that you asked. And I still avoid meat but sometimes I still get hit by it in the form delicious smells. Yesterday I was sorely tempted by a bratwurst at Home Depot. But if we want to avoid "unethical" (defined by our own ethics) meat, bratwurst is right up there with sausage. Oh, it is sausage, no wonder.

I live on a farm now. The noun "farm" is often followed by the verb "farm," as in, "what do you farm? We farm pets mostly: Pet chickens, pet goats, pet horses, pet cats and pet dogs.  We aren't that good at it though because they are all spayed or neutered except for the chickens.

I have considered  raising an animal to eat, like a turkey or a pig, but I am fairly certain that I would fall in love (purely platonic) with the poor beast. Then we would end up with a pet turkey or pig to add to our long list.

Wooly Pig

Bourbon Red Turkey