Saturday, December 6, 2008

I think this truck is called Primo Tacos

Do you have any idea how many taco trucks there are in western Idaho? Me neither. But if I were to venture an guess I would say, roughly, a whole lot. And they are for the most part pretty similar, which is not a bad thing because they are all good (so far). There are some little things that distinguish one from another like price and free re-fills of horchata, but location is perhaps the number one consideration. So, as an advocate, I think the best I can do is tell you were they park. The truck in the above photo parks in the parking lot of a Vietnamese restaurant called, Vietnamese Restaurant at the corner of Franklin and Curtis. The truck faces Curtis. The tacos are $1.
Note: aesthetically, I have decided to link to maps instead of posting the maps.
Directions by car.
Directions by bike.

Updated, April 2010. Primo's updated menu.

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