Saturday, January 17, 2009

La Chiquita

I've been out of the Taco Truck stated area of coverage for many weeks. The above truck is in Arcata, California; a state that does not border Idaho. Some of you, I am sure, are happy that California does not border Idaho, indeed that it borders two of our neighbors is too close as it is. You will also be happy to read that the tacos at La Chiquita are twice as expensive ($2) as our local delicious fare. But if you prefer bigger tacos you might be less happy to read that the tacos are also twice as big as an average Idaho truck taco. I will not bother with directions to this truck. I'll just tell you that it is north of the Plaza off H street - easy to find if you are in Arcata.

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rasket said...

best burritos EVER!!!