Saturday, October 24, 2009


This taqueria, which I believe is called Taqueria, is a rather large fifth wheel - a Holiday Rambler.

I ate two lengua tacos and an adobada. My colleague had a couple carne asada tacos. We agreed that the flavor was great but the asada tacos were a bit on the chewy side. The lengua and adobada were tender and perfect. Also, Taqueria serves on reusable plates.

People have recommended that I include menus whichI think is a great idea. If you have trouble reading this, click on it. I have also been asked to include hours. Unfortunately not all of them have regular hours. I can tell you that this one is open Saturday afternoons. In cases when hours are available I will post them.

Interested in buying a taco motor home? This advertisement was taped to the side of Taqueria.

Taqueria is butted up against Savvy's, a bar in Garden City on Chinden Street.


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