Thursday, September 8, 2011


Being very discerning about the food I eat (picky) - particularly when an animal's life was taken for the food - makes eating out more of a challenge. I ate a quesadilla at this fine restaurant in Truckee, California, despite the wonderful meat smells emanating from the exhaust. Once my vegetarian brother walked into my grandmothers kitchen and politely said, "Mmm, that stew smells good." My grandmother responded like so: "Then why don't you have some? You can eat around the meat?"

Which makes about as much sense as this:


jenny said...

Henry Jones: the first bone-gnawing pescatarian vegetarian?

Anonymous said...

Taco trucks and food trucks are the best. You always get the best food from the places you wouldn't think would have good food. Hopefully I can find a taco truck around here soon.

Eliza Lawrence |