Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vegetarian Option

The view while waiting for my quesadilla.

The view of my quesadilla.

I got the distinct feeling that I was confounding - flabbergasting even - the nice woman at Taqueria for ordering a quesadilla without meat. Evidently, she thought I was simply a delicate eater so she warned me that it was served in a corn tortilla. That I can handle. Being a picky or delicate eater is something I never wanted to be but I am afraid that is what I am becoming. The bean allergy is something I cannot control. I would if I could. Not eating meat is a different and more complicated story, much of which I wrote about previously on this blog.
Yet, I miss visiting Idaho's taco trucks so today I visited Taqueria for the above quesadilla. Immediately after the photograph was taken, I stuffed the iceberg lettuce, tomato and avocado into the tortilla, poured some of her delicious red salsa on top, and stuffed it into my mouth. My conclusion is that even without meat her quesadilla's are worth the trip. But they are tastier with meat and sour cream.


Kat said...

Being a delicate eater is difficult, I concur.

Allison Corona said...

That quesadilla looks damn good.

Unknown said...

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