Friday, September 12, 2008

El Torito

As you might have noticed, I did not get out of my car to take this picture. I am a bit shy about asking if I may tomo un photo. One reason is that I am not sure if that is the correct way to ask and another is I'd rather avoid explaining why I want a photo of someone's mobile restaurant. One tactic would be to photograph the restaurant when it is closed, which I did in Emmett. Unfortunately it was closed so I did not have a chance to taste the food, but I'll save the photo for when I do get back to Emmett to sample the tacos.

In general I plan to review only taquerias in Idaho and near the borders of neighboring states and provinces. Also I will only write about restaurants that I would eat at again. It may not be the best taco I've ever had but it may be the best taco for miles.

El Torito is in Garden City, Idaho. The tacos are good and they cost $1.25 unless you want tripe for an extra .25. I've tried the carne asada and the pastor. Both are good but greasier than average. I might suggest avoiding El Torito on a cold day, as the grease will solidify on your paper plate before you are done and that might be unappetizing. Tacos are served with two corn tortillas per taco, which is my preference because the single tortilla taco often falls apart. El Torito sells tortas, and I love tortas. When I get a chance to eat one I will report back. I do know that they cost $4.00. The horchata is delicious, $1.50 including one free refill.
The service is friendly and pretty quick depending on how busy they are.

46th and Chinden, Garden City, Idaho behind El Torito Market.

Directions by bike or on foot from downtown Boise (Dawson's)

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Directions by car:

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Anonymous said...

This is my first comment ever on a blog. I would have commented on your taco blog last week, but it required me to choose an identity to do so, and that threw me.

Anyway, I like your review of El Torito. I think it would be good to mention the taco trucks that you don't like, so that I know which ones to avoid. Also, I won't try to tell you about them, just to have you say, "that one is gross."