Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taco Velos

This taco truck should appeal to the taco eating cyclist if only because of its name, Velos. Having eaten quite a few tacos of late, I opted for a torta even though the prices looked too high. The carnitas torta I ate was $5; less than I expected because there are many in the $6-8 price range. The sandwich consisted of a large, soft roll with mayo, meat, cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, tomato, and avocado. Some people make tortas with beans and I am allergic to beans. Yes. Allergic.
The best torta I've had in a long time, which is unfortunately meaningless because I have not had a torta in a long time. But even so, it was good and I will go back.

I am trying different mapping options. I think the map below is a tad big. Maybe next time I will chose the link button option so you'll only see the map if when you want it.

Car Map:

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The photo above is close to what you should see when you arrive but now there is a taco truck parked there. Click to see the map.


Hootch McGee said...

Great blog! I plan to check 'em all out!

Might I make a suggestion: If you haven't tried Lorena's, adjacent to the car wash on Fairview and curtis, I recommend it post-haste. Sure, it's not technically a taco truck - they chose to set up shop in what looks like a small strorage shed - but the only thing that's missing is a set of bald tires.

While tacos may be the featured item, the big seller is the Gordita. I prefer one of each, actually.

Oh, and by the way - there are no surly servers here. In fact, you will not find a sweeter woman that Lorena.

Hootch said...

oops - the post above was mean as a general comment, not specific to velo. I'm sure velo is great, and will find out soon!

jonathan said...

I took it as such, Hootch. Thanks for the comments. I visited Lorena's before I come up with the idea for the blog. I plan to go back.