Sunday, September 21, 2008


Soon to be satisfied customers.

If you find yourself in Mountain Home, Idaho on a Saturday or Sunday (correct me if I'm wrong but I think they are only open weekends), eat at Taqueria La Estrellita. Today, on my way to Boise from Battle Mountain, Nevada, I sampled three delicious tacos. The plate on the left was my plate and the tacos, from left right, are al pastor, carne asada and lengua. The lengua was the tastiest of the three and the al pastor was, although quite fine, came in third. Tacos cost $1 at Taqueria Estrellita.
On the way out of town one of my associates spotted another taco truck not far from the truck featured today. That truck will have to wait until the next trip to Mountain Home.

A note on the maps: In cases where I have not ridden my bike, the instructions are google maps suggestions and therefore not guaranteed my the editors of Taco Truck or it's affiliates.

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Anonymous said...

That is interesting that the pastor came in third, since that is usually the best. Sounds like the lengua was super good!